Our Story

We are a start up healthy treats company with a passion for creating exciting, innovative and delicious healthy foods using only quality 100% natural ingredients. The kitchen for us is where all the magic happens. We started out with my mum’s recipe which she normally made as a snack for new mums and children as they are the purest form of nutrition. We have used that as a base recipe and refined it to make different combinations of flavours to suit the modern palate and market demand. Our passion is not only to create new healthy foods but also to make it look good. As they say we eat with our eyes… All our products are handmade and handcrafted with Love…

We’ve all been susceptible to a craving for a snack that drives us to stop what we are doing or veer off our current path to find a snack to satiate us, rather than looking for a candy bar or a bag of crisps we encourage our children, friends and family to have a snack that is nourishing, more healthy yet delicious, high in protein with slower releasing energy. 

Our aim is to make healthy treats that are simple, natural, taste good, will satisfy your cravings and keep you well nourished. At Beebs we make all our products ourselves, this allows us to be more flexible and creative. Our products are also made with the finest quality premium nuts, seeds, dried fruit and superfoods. The products are all made to the highest possible standards. Each variation of Beebs will give you a burst of flavours that are addictive. We maintain the same goodness of taste in all our variations.